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Industrial Weighing Scales

  • Boxing and the Ohaus Boxing Scale

    Boxing is a very popular combative sport in which two people, wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other to score points by hitting an opponent cleanly or by knocking them out. Prior to the fight the boxers attend a weigh-in. The weigh-in takes place the day before the fight and the boxers stand on calibrated scales barefoot and without their gloves. ... During this later weigh-in, the fighter must weigh no more than 10 pounds (4.5 kg) above the weight limit for the fight.
    The bout takes place in a boxing ring and comprises a set number of rounds, typically three minutes long with a minute break in between. The number of rounds is determined by the rules of the competition. The winner either achieves the highest number of points or stops their opponent during the fight or by either a knockout or they are unable to continue.
    Boxing has also become a very popular fitness trend as with non-competitive sparring for people wanting to lose weight or simply get into shape.
    The Ohaus SD Boxing Scale is a professional accurate scale which can be supplied with a Certificate of Calibration and is ideal for weighing fighters. It has a capacity of 200kg x 100g accuracy and can be powered either by AC adaptor or dry cell batteries making them ideal for portable use. The weight display indicator is attached with an extending curly cable to the weighing platform and can be fixed to a wall or left free standing on a desk or bench. The weight display is easy to use with a only two button operation. Two platforms sizes available i.e. 316mm x 280mm and 520mm x 400mm.

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  • Monitoring your pets weight

    Waiting for the precious bundle to arrive is a very exciting time for all the family, whether it’s a puppy, kitten, bunny rabbit or any other pet. Monitoring their weight is as important as choosing the correct diet. Your pets’ diet and weight can make all the difference to its future well-being. Your local vet is the best place for advice. However, what we do know and can help with is a range of animal weighing scales designed to assist with the monitoring of your pets weight.
    We have a carefully selected two from our range of pet scales. The Adam MTB Small Pet scale is lightweight and mains/battery operated, ideal to move around the home, pet stores and veterinary clinics. The curved cradle weighing pan gives extra support and comfort making them the perfect scale for weighing smaller pets. The pan can be removed so that additional weighings can be carried out on the non-slip mat. Choice of kg/lb/lb.oz with a capacity of 20kg. For your larger pets the Furi FCW-200 Dog Weighing scale has a large 950mm x 500mm stainless steel weighing platform with built in wheels and handles for ease of transportation. Weighing capacity 200kg x 50g with choice of weighing units kg/lbs. The weighing platform has a long cable linked to the LCD display. Power is from an internal rechargeable battery and mains adapter (supplied). The display can be desk mounted or fixed to the wall with the included mounting bracket. Included is a FREE removable rubber mat. You can rest assured that as your pets grow they are the correct weight and size for their age.

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  • A Healthier YOU!

    It’s at this time of year when we think about the year gone by and the start of the new. A new year’s resolution to a stronger, slimmer, fitter,
    healthier you. If its joining a gym, or a health club weighing yourself is an important factor in achieving your personal goal. A healthier weight, a healthier you. The benefits of exercise and diet can reduce the risk of several health conditions and a weekly weigh in can keep you on track.
    The Seca 760 mechanical scale is available in four bold colours, (burgundy red, midnight blue, ecru and black) weighs in kilos or stones and has a large easy to read dial. This attractive and modern looking portable scale will look stylish in any bathroom. Alternatively, choose the larger more robust Seca 869 digital flat scale with a simple to read remote display, battery operated and easily transported with the optional carry case. Weight display can be switched between 250kg, 550lb or 39 stone and also has a BMI function. Ideal for health clubs, gyms and fitness studios.

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  • Weigh coffee for that perfect brew.

    An excellent cup of coffee starts with the correct amount of coffee granuals to perfect that superbly brewed cup of coffee.

    When it comes down to it weighing your coffee is about creating a consistant cup, the correct dosing of coffee is the best step in to producing an exceptional brew.

    The Ohaus Navigator Coffee Scale is the perfect weighing scale, in stock and available for next day delivery this portable weighing scale has an accuracy of 0.1g with a stainless steel top pan. No need to touch the scale it features, touch free infrared sensors that allows the user to simply swipe their hand over the sensor to zero the scale. Easy to clean and perfect for Baristas in lively coffee shops where pace, time and accuracy is essential for that best cup of coffee.

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  • FREE SHIPPING - All Kern Scales & Balances

    FREE UK SHIPPING for all Kern scales and balances. Take advantage of this offer whilst it lasts! Choose from these best sellers – Kern HFM Crane Scale with large 30mm LED display and remote control; Four capacities to choose from 1000kg x 100g; 3000kg x 500g; 5000kg x 500g and 10T x 1kg. Kern HCB Hanging Scale simple hanging scale with TARE, HOLD and PEAK HOLD functions. Kern EOL 120K200 parcel and general purpose scale, massively discounted price. Only few remaining. Kern CXB counting scale large backlit LCD display with 18mm high digits; displays for - weight (verifiable), reference weight, total weight. Kern 440 Precision Balance features include - RS232 Digital Output; Parts Counting; Net Total Weighing; Percentage weighing; GLP Compliant with YKT Printer; Multiple units; IP54 sealing; Back lit LCD display; Supplied with mains adapter.

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  • New Ranger 4000 Series from Ohaus

    Introducing the full metal housing Ranger 4000 Compact Bench and Counting Scales. These Best-in-Class scales are ready to stand up to the challenges of your industrial weighing and counting needs.
    Sturdy metal housing and slip-resistant rubber feet provide protection and stability necessary for tough industrial weighing while extending the scale's usable life.
    Accurate weighing and counting performance is assured through Ranger Count 4000's 1:1,500,000 internal counting resolution and auto-optimization software that reduces errors and ensures accuracy.
    With a stabilization time of just one second, Ranger 4000 works efficiently to enhance productivity levels.
    Ohaus Ranger 4000 Bench Scale - Ohaus Ranger 4000 Count Scale

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  • Hire a Scale - Short or Long Term

    Have you considered hiring a scale? When stocktaking is due there is usually a problem finding sufficient counting scales to complete the tasks within the time allocated. Although the cost of counting scales has tumbled over the last few years it is still more cost effective to hire scales for the short term. We have counting scales ranging from 3kg to 150kg. Stocktaking isn't the only reason to hire scales however. Conventional weighing scales can be hired for Training purposes; Demonstrations to staff; Trials of new products and recipes etc. These can include Pallet truck scales; Crane scales; Platform scales; Laboratory balances; Hospital and Fitness scales and Test weights.
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  • Huge discounts and Free Shipping on OHAUS Scales & Balances

    All Ohaus scales and balances are available with massive discounts off the RRP and now with FREE SHIPPING! Typical examples -

    Ohaus STX replaces Scout Pro. Discounted prices start at only £155.00 ex vat, a saving of 20%.
    Ohaus MB90 Moisture Balance. RRP £1,899 ex vat, now only £1,424.00 ex vat, a saving of £475.00 ex vat!
    Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balance. Discounted prices start at only £2,934.00 ex vat, a saving of £756.00 ex vat.

    Take advantage of these amazing offers NOW! All these Ohaus Scales and Balances come with full manufacturers guarantee backed up by our experienced service and advisory staff and are SHIPPED FREE!

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  • Buying the Best Cattle Scale for Your Business

    Determining which cattle scale is best for your business depends on where the scale will be located and the types of animals to be weighed. For those who need the scale to be permanent, installing it under a crate might be the best option. When doing so the load bars are placed on a suitable floor and bolted down so that they are held solidly in place and will not move. If the cattle scale needs to be portable, load bars can still be used without being fixed to the ground.

    When purchasing a scale consider ease of use and power requirements. Scales which are portable or permanent either for inside or outside use can have batteries, internal rechargeable batteries or AC mains adapter. Digital displays can provide weight information in both lbs and kg's but if used for trade i.e. selling by weight, kg's must be used. Electronic scales are generally more accurate than mechanical dial type scales.

    After determining which type of scale you require then find the right company to meet those needs. You'll find that we have a wide selection of scales to fit your business needs no matter if you are a veterinarian or a livestock farmer. We have various animal scales for sale for weighing calves, sheep, goats, alpacas etc. from a variety of manufacturers. We also have accessories for many makes and types of scale. Visit us online or in-store to see how we can help you.

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  • Ohaus Ranger 3000 - Customer Product Review


    For a high-tech scale with the friendliest user features on the market, the Ohaus Ranger 3000 is quite a find. First of all, I can always read the large, very bright numbers, from any angle and whether I'm using it in a field application under the bright sun or in a dark warehouse.

    The LCD is not the little dinky type I used to have to squint at; it's a full 1 and 1/2 inches tall! It just never gives up, whether I'm using it in the walk-in freezer or sitting in the heat of the deli kitchen grill, it never blinks, except to show the exactly right measure and confirmation check weigh while I pass one item after another onto it. I even use it on an over shelf in the meat locker with the Weigh Below Hook to get good data on my meat poundage. There's just no way I could do that on top of the scale, mostly because some of these organic beef halves are too heavy for me to lift up very far.

    This Ohaus Ranger Counting Scale is the definition of user-friendly. It has a TARE key, and Back, Yes, No, and Exit as well. Without the usual fiddly programming key steps, the Ohaus Ranger is the first of the industrial scales that don't waste my time trying to learn all that, so I get more work done.


    We use our 3000 in our organic farmers food shop in the meat section, the deli, and for stock taking, up to 19 hours a day. We also have one in our private warehouse, mounted on a bench. We considered the 1000 and 7000 models and settled on the middle one, which is just right for our needs. But this Ohaus counting scale would be a valuable asset anywhere a high-tech scale is needed: laboratories, manufacturing quality control departments, farming operations, and veterinarian offices. There many more applications on balance, I'm sure.


    The Ohaus Ranger 3000 meets all the requirements I'm required to follow by Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI) and OIML standards organisations, which takes some great engineering. And these scales are incredibly accurate while always finalising the weight display in only one second. I can move all kinds of stuff through, fast, and it never makes me wait for accurate weighing.

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