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  • Buying the Best Cattle Scale for Your Business

    Determining which cattle scale is best for your business depends on where the scale will be located and the types of animals to be weighed. For those who need the scale to be permanent, installing it under a crate might be the best option. When doing so the load bars are placed on a suitable floor and bolted down so that they are held solidly in place and will not move. If the cattle scale needs to be portable, load bars can still be used without being fixed to the ground.

    When purchasing a scale consider ease of use and power requirements. Scales which are portable or permanent either for inside or outside use can have batteries, internal rechargeable batteries or AC mains adapter. Digital displays can provide weight information in both lbs and kg's but if used for trade i.e. selling by weight, kg's must be used. Electronic scales are generally more accurate than mechanical dial type scales.

    After determining which type of scale you require then find the right company to meet those needs. You'll find that we have a wide selection of scales to fit your business needs no matter if you are a veterinarian or a livestock farmer. We have various animal scales for sale for weighing calves, sheep, goats, alpacas etc. from a variety of manufacturers. We also have accessories for many makes and types of scale. Visit us online or in-store to see how we can help you.

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  • Ohaus Ranger 3000 - Customer Product Review


    For a high-tech scale with the friendliest user features on the market, the Ohaus Ranger 3000 is quite a find. First of all, I can always read the large, very bright numbers, from any angle and whether I'm using it in a field application under the bright sun or in a dark warehouse.

    The LCD is not the little dinky type I used to have to squint at; it's a full 1 and 1/2 inches tall! It just never gives up, whether I'm using it in the walk-in freezer or sitting in the heat of the deli kitchen grill, it never blinks, except to show the exactly right measure and confirmation check weigh while I pass one item after another onto it. I even use it on an over shelf in the meat locker with the Weigh Below Hook to get good data on my meat poundage. There's just no way I could do that on top of the scale, mostly because some of these organic beef halves are too heavy for me to lift up very far.

    This Ohaus Ranger Counting Scale is the definition of user-friendly. It has a TARE key, and Back, Yes, No, and Exit as well. Without the usual fiddly programming key steps, the Ohaus Ranger is the first of the industrial scales that don't waste my time trying to learn all that, so I get more work done.


    We use our 3000 in our organic farmers food shop in the meat section, the deli, and for stock taking, up to 19 hours a day. We also have one in our private warehouse, mounted on a bench. We considered the 1000 and 7000 models and settled on the middle one, which is just right for our needs. But this Ohaus counting scale would be a valuable asset anywhere a high-tech scale is needed: laboratories, manufacturing quality control departments, farming operations, and veterinarian offices. There many more applications on balance, I'm sure.


    The Ohaus Ranger 3000 meets all the requirements I'm required to follow by Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI) and OIML standards organisations, which takes some great engineering. And these scales are incredibly accurate while always finalising the weight display in only one second. I can move all kinds of stuff through, fast, and it never makes me wait for accurate weighing.

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  • New from Ohaus - SSP £185.00 ex vat our price £125.00 ex vat

    NEW counting scale from Ohaus at an amazing low price. Normally retailing at £185.00 ex vat plus shipping of £8.95. We have slashed the price to only £125.00 ex vat and include free shipping.

    This clever scale will solve all problems relating to counting in stores, stock taking, inventory control etc. The Average Weight Piece (APW) memory feature allows for storage of the 10 most commonly used parts to speed up the counting process. Auto-optimization software keeps a continuous recalculation of the average of parts from each batch to ensure the accuracy of the counting process. Available in capacities 3000g x 0.2g; 6000g x 0.5g; 15kg x 1g and 30kg x 2g. Power is from internal rechargeable battery giving 80 hours continuous use with 12 hour recharge time.

    Ohaus Ranger 1000 Count

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  • Many Forms of Industrial Weighing Scale

    Industrial weighing scales are utilised in manufacturing and commercial industries to determine the weight of a product. These scales are created in a variety of sizes and have an assortment of uses. Each scale is specifically designed to benefit a certain section of the market. To select the best scale for business, the scale’s size, weighing capacity and design must be taken into consideration. Companies have several types of scales to choose from depending on the needs of the business.

    Industrial bench scales are small in size and are mainly used in commercial applications. The scales can range in size and design, but are produced to weigh items accurately and fast. Designed for easy operation, the scale can weigh an item once it is placed on the steel platform. Depending on the industry, an industrial bench scale may have a printer or computer attached to track the readings of the scale.

    Digital weighing scales are normally used in commercial and research establishments as their prefered choice for accuracy.  A standard scale has a stainless steel platform with a back lit LCD display showing the weight of the objects easily. The scales can be operated by dry cell or internal rechargeable battery and/or AC adapter.

    Balances are small digital scales with either a back lit LCD or LED display. They can be used to weigh very small items in laboratories or commercial enterprises for gold and silver or coins. These scales are small in size and run on batteries, internal rechargeable batteries or with the option for an AC adapter. Included on these scales are push buttons to switch weighing modes to grams, ounces or pounds.

    A platform weighing scale can vary in size and is based on the requirement of a business. The scale is often created in stainless steel or aluminum and can have a weighing capacity up to 20,000 pounds. The scales are often placed on the ground to weigh food, medicine and household items.

    Digital counting scales can determine the amount of items placed on the scale. In order for the scale to count each item, the scale is programmed with a test sample. The test sample will first weigh the items placed on the platform and then divide the weight by the number of pieces entered into the computer system. Each item will have to be similar in size and weight. Once the scale has been programmed, the scale can determine the amount of items placed the platform.

    A platform bench scale has a flat surface used to measure products and includes a LCD screen. Platform bench scales can range in weight from 1kg to 500kg and are designed for accuracy and dependability. The scales also have a steel platform for easy maintenance.

    Crane scales are designed for industrial use and can be found on a construction site or a factory. To ensure durability the scale is created from steel or heavy duty aluminum. The crane scale can lift heavy loads in order to determine the weight and may carry molten metal or construction material.

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  • Choosing A Baby Weighing Scale

    Baby weighing scales have become more advanced in the last few years. The electronic versions that have been developed have a digital screen that will display the baby’s weight. To buy baby weighing scales, a dependable manufacturer/store is important. Quality in the materials and the building of the scale is something that parents take into consideration when buying anything that will touch and hold their child. Always consider the reviews of the scale and manufacturer when looking for a new product that will be introduced into the home.

    Seca are the leading manufacturers of baby weighing scales. The baby weighing scales are comfortable and developed to hold a baby securely in the fitted tray. Well-developed infant weighing scales, like those of the Seca brand, have a special tray that will accurately display the child’s weight even though the baby is moving about the tray. This accurate reading is done when a ‘holding’ button is pushed on the front of the scale. This will balance the infant's weight, and the display will show one weight only, it will not fluctuate. All Seca baby weighing scales have a full guarantee,

    A baby weighing machine price will vary from around £90.00 to as much as £700.00. These scales can be found online, in general stores, and in baby specialty stores. Paying less than this may show in the quality of the product. All directions are located in the box, and the scale will be already set up for use. Infant weighing scales are important for all children to monitor any weight loss or gain throughout the first year of life. Choosing the right baby weighing scale will guarantee an infant's safety.

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  • Electronic Scales and their Progress

    Technology has advanced in many ways throughout the years. We have become more and more tech savvy as a civilization. People of all ages and occupations are required to know how to use at least some basic forms of technology. Electronic weighing scales are just one example of an easy to use technology that has evolved from its more primitive and basic form.

    The first primitive scale existed as far back as 2400 B.C, and it used stone cubes to get an approximate weight. Our technology has come a long way in order to be able to weigh 18 wheelers on giant platform scales. Electronic weighing scales can be used in almost in application, and we often forget the importance and everyday value of having electronic weighing scales on hand.

    Electronic weighing systems have replaced the old mechanical scales, and balances of the past and help make our life and occupations much easier and convenient. These electronic weighing systems can be used in many aspects we would never think of. Nurses use electronic weighing systems (often platform scales) to check your weight before you see your doctor, and they play a big role in healthcare and how you are treated. Without these platform scales, doctors would not know if your weight is fluctuating and could lead to improper diagnoses. Also, pharmacists use scales to weigh out portions of medications and to decide on the right amount to give their customers. The electronic scale plays a big role in our health as a people.

    Electronic weighing balance specifications often seem very complex and confusing but in reality the concept is much simpler. Load cells are the most common type of weight measurement in the electronic scales we find today. These electronic weighing balance specifications allow us to weigh small amounts product to a very high accuracy. Used as Retail Scales they weigh meat, vegetables and consumer products with the facility of calculating prices.

    There are many prominent electronic weighing scales manufacturers to choose from in this booming technological industry. Sartorius, A&D, Ohaus have many high-quality scales which are accurate up to the ten-thousandth grams. These are typically used in laboratories, research and education applications aforweighing fine powders and smaller minerals.

    Scales have come a long way since the early stone scales, and they will continue to advance and exceed expectations in the future.

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