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Buying the Best Cattle Scale for Your Business

Determining which cattle scale is best for your business depends on where the scale will be located and the types of animals to be weighed. For those who need the scale to be permanent, installing it under a crate might be the best option. When doing so the load bars are placed on a suitable floor and bolted down so that they are held solidly in place and will not move. If the cattle scale needs to be portable, load bars can still be used without being fixed to the ground.

When purchasing a scale consider ease of use and power requirements. Scales which are portable or permanent either for inside or outside use can have batteries, internal rechargeable batteries or AC mains adapter. Digital displays can provide weight information in both lbs and kg's but if used for trade i.e. selling by weight, kg's must be used. Electronic scales are generally more accurate than mechanical dial type scales.

After determining which type of scale you require then find the right company to meet those needs. You'll find that we have a wide selection of scales to fit your business needs no matter if you are a veterinarian or a livestock farmer. We have various animal scales for sale for weighing calves, sheep, goats, alpacas etc. from a variety of manufacturers. We also have accessories for many makes and types of scale. Visit us online or in-store to see how we can help you.

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