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Monitoring your pets weight

Waiting for the precious bundle to arrive is a very exciting time for all the family, whether it’s a puppy, kitten, bunny rabbit or any other pet. Monitoring their weight is as important as choosing the correct diet. Your pets’ diet and weight can make all the difference to its future well-being. Your local vet is the best place for advice. However, what we do know and can help with is a range of animal weighing scales designed to assist with the monitoring of your pets weight.
We have a carefully selected two from our range of pet scales. The Adam MTB Small Pet scale is lightweight and mains/battery operated, ideal to move around the home, pet stores and veterinary clinics. The curved cradle weighing pan gives extra support and comfort making them the perfect scale for weighing smaller pets. The pan can be removed so that additional weighings can be carried out on the non-slip mat. Choice of kg/lb/lb.oz with a capacity of 20kg. For your larger pets the Furi FCW-200 Dog Weighing scale has a large 950mm x 500mm stainless steel weighing platform with built in wheels and handles for ease of transportation. Weighing capacity 200kg x 50g with choice of weighing units kg/lbs. The weighing platform has a long cable linked to the LCD display. Power is from an internal rechargeable battery and mains adapter (supplied). The display can be desk mounted or fixed to the wall with the included mounting bracket. Included is a FREE removable rubber mat. You can rest assured that as your pets grow they are the correct weight and size for their age.

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