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A&D SV-A Series Sine-Wave Vibro Viscometers

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About A&D SV-A Series Sine Wave Vibro Viscometers

The A&D SV-A series Viscosity Measurement Scale has 2 thin sensor plates that are driven with electromagnetic force at the same frequency by vibrating at constant sine-wave vibration in reverse phase like a tuning- fork. The electromagnetic drive controls the vibration of the sensor plates to keep in constant amplitude. The driving electric current, which is exciting force, will be detected as the magnitude of viscidity produced between the sensor plates and the sample fluid. Features: High Measurement Accuracy; Wide Measurement Range; Non-Newtonian Sample Viscosity Measurement; Foam Sample Measurement; Flowing Sample Measurement; Viscosity Calibration; Temperature Measurement; Vacuum Fluorescent Displays; Sol and Gel Measurement; Standard RS-232C Interface; Small Sample Size; Easy Cleaning; Data Collection and graphing Software.

  • Wide measurement range: 0.3 – 10,000mPa.s for SV-10, and 1,000 – 100,000mPa.s for SV-100
  • Measurement of very low viscosities (down to 1/3 of water viscosity!)
  • Temperature measurement from 0 to 160° C
  • Fast measurements: 1st result within 15 seconds, and refresh in real time
  • Possible continuous measurements in order to characterize changes of state
  • High precision with a repeatability of ±1% of displayed value
  • Small size sample: cups of 35ml, 13ml, 10ml, and even tubes of 2ml (with SV-1A)
  • Possibility to do measurements directly into your containers: beakers, product packages…
  • Low mechanical impact: preservation of sample characteristics and its texture
  • Negligible thermal impact
  • Measurements possible on foaming samples, on foam itself, on flowing or agitated samples
  • Simple operation: no configuration – just push the start button
  • Easy cleaning
  • WinCT-Viscosity software for data acquisition on PC, graphic display of curves, and data archiving (viscosity curves against temperature or time)
  • Calibration (judgement and even adjustment) of viscosity possible by the user: 1 or 2 points
  • Simplified and automated calibration (including adjustment) with pure water (SV-10)
  • Temperature control of sample with water jacket option (AX-SV-37) or other methods

The A&D SV-A series Viscosity Measurement Scale Specifications -

Model Measurement Range Unit Code
 SV-1A  0.3 — 1000 mPa·s mPa·s, Pa·s, cP, P
 SV-10  0.3 — 10000 mPa·s mPa·s, Pa·s, cP, P
 SV-100  1 — 100 Pa·s  Pa·s, P SV-100

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