A&D AD-4212B-PT Pipette Accuracy Tester

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A&D Pipette Accuracy Tester

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About A&D Pipette Accuracy Testers

A&D Pipette Accuracy Tester is available in three models - A&D FX-300PT, A&D 4212A-PT and A&D 4212B-PT. Complete test and reporting system for pipette accuracy based on the gravimetric method which obtains the pipette volume based on the mass of purified water dispensed from the pipette and complies with ISO Standard 8655. With a balance, software, and accessories all in one carrying case, A&D’s pipette accuracy tester provides everything you need for easy verification of the accuracies of your pipettes. Standard liquid thermometer and evaporation trap to ensure as precise measurements as possible. The pipette accuracy tester comes packed neatly in a portable carrying case.

A&D Pipette Accuracy Testers with three models avaliable:

  • A&D FX-300i-PT with a capcity of 320g x 1mg
  • A&D 4212A-PT with an accuracy of 110g x 0.1mg
  • A&D 4212B-BT with an accuracy of 110g x 0.001mg/0.01mg/ 0.1mg

Main features of all:

  • Automatic mass-to-volume conversion and accuracy judgment using the special "WinCT-Pipette" software
  • Judgment by your preferred criteria - manufacturer specifications, ISO8655, or your own
  • Includes an evaporation trap to minimize errors due to evaporation
  • Three models covering a wide volumetric range
  • Portable carrying case for testing easily on-site (not recommended when a 0.001 mg resolution is required)
  • Printing function to have paper-based test records
  • Standard liquid thermometer for precise mass-to-volume conversion
  • Standard calibration weight and tweezers to maintain the balance accuracy
  • Pipetting training capability


Model Capacity Div. Pan Size Code
 A&D FX-300PT  320g  1mg  n/a  A&D FX-300PT
 110g  0.1mg  n/a  AD-4212A-PT
 AD-4212B-PT  110/31/5.1g  0.1/0.01/0.001mg  n/a  AD-4212B-PT

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