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Straightpoint Radiolink Plus

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Straightpoint Radiolink Plus comprises of high-quality aircraft grade aluminium loadcell protected to IP67 which transmits the weight wirelessly to the HW-HHP handheld display with multiple display units (tonnes, lbs,kg and kN), peak hold, pre-set tare and 250 wireless range. Power is supplied through 4 x AA batteries for the loadcell with 1200 hours of use and 2 x AA batteries for the hand held control with 400 hours of use. All models are supplied with carry/storage case, proof testing, full calibration to National Standards and Calibration Certificates. Models range from 1000kg to 300 tonnes with unrivalled resolution as below, all with 0.3% accuracy of applied load. Compatible with Straightpoint Accessories, listed below.

Straightpoint Radiolink Plus


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Straightpoint  Radiolink Plus Main Features:

  • Proprietary 2.4 GHz Wireless
  • Industry Leading Wireless Range
  • Error Free Data Transmission
  • Unrivalled Resolution
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Audible Overload Alarm
  • Unmatched Battery Life
  • Internal Antennae
  • Compact Size
  • Remote On-Off
  • Lightweight
  • Peak Hold
  • Advanced Options Available
  • Tare
  • Design validated by F.E.A.
  • Straightpoint  Radiolink Plus Accessories:

    Straightpoint SW-OAM Audio/Visual Alarm
    Supplied with an audiovisual alarm, the SW-OAM can be programmed to any Straightpoint wireless loadcell to monitor loads. Then at a preset point the alarm will activate
    and open or close a >240VAC, 5 amp relay. Ideal for use in a wireless overload detection system. 110-240VAC.

    Straightpoint SW-A01i Wireless base station with analogue output
    Provides a configurable analogue output for the range of Straightpoint wireless loadcells and is housed in IP67/NEMA4X housing for industrial installation.
    The output can be selected from the pre-calibrated voltage and current ranges. 0-10Volts, ±10Volts,0-5Volts, ±5Volts, 0-20mA, 4-20mA. Useful for integrating with a PLC.

    Straightpoint SW-SO Serial Output ASCII string module
    Supplied with an audiovisual alarm, the T24-RM1can be programmed to any Radiolink to monitor loads.Then at a preset point the alarm will activate and open or close a >240VAC, 5 amp relay. Ideal for use in a wireless overload detection system.

    Straightpoint RDCP Wireless Windows-based Software  
    Wireless Windows-basedsoftware that allows the operator full remote control of the loadcell. Can be set to datalog (time/date and load) into a spreadsheet by user input time interval (min 3hertz). A spare USB port is required.

    Straightpoint S0SD LED Slave Display   
    125mm high red LED slave display that will wirelessly display the load on a Radiolink. Suitable for mounting on a crane gantry, requires mains power.

    Radiolink Plus Specifications - Telemetry Tension Load Cell / Dynamometer

    Metric Dimensions = millimetres (mm)

    Description Telemetry wireless tension load cell / dynamometer
    Part Number RLP1T RLP2T5 RLP5T RLP12T RLP25T RLP35T RLP50T RLP75T RLP100T RLP150T RLP200T RLP250T RLP300T
    Capacity 1000kg 2.5te 5te 12te 25te 35te 50te 75te 100te 150te 200te 250te 300te
    Resolution 0.5kg 0.001te 0.001te 0.002te 0.005te 0.005te 0.01te 0.01te 0.05te 0.05te 0.1te 0.1te 0.1te
    Units kg te te te te te te te te te te te te
    Weight 1.5kg 1.5kg 2.2kg 3.5kg 5.2kg 9kg 11kg 18kg 37kg 51kg 80kg 80kg 132kg
    Safety Factor 12.1 5:1 5:1 5:1 5:1 5:1 5:1 5:1 4:1 4:1 5:1 4:1 4:1
    Battery Type Handheld-2 x AA / Loadcell 4 x AA
    Battery Life Handheld-400hrs / Loadcell 1600hrs continuous if using Lithium batteries
    Display Type 7 digit 8.8mm LCD
    Operating Temp -10 to +50 °C
    Accuracy +/- 0.3% of applied load
    Frequency 2.4GHz
    Range 250 metres
    Data Rate 3 Updates per second
    Protection IP65
    Dimension A 204 204 249 305 340 393 424 470 608 670 700 700 806
    Dimension B 43 43 43 47 60 75 75 75 99 99 144 144 150
    Dimension C 101 101 101 101 115 126 163 202 255 303 320 320 426
    Dimension D 146 146 165 193 215 225 230 260 320 360 350 350 350
    Dimension E 24.5 24.5 38 47.5 55 60 76 76 109 109 132 132 160
    Dimension F 48 48 66                    
    Dimension G 19 19 32                    
    Crosby Shackle G209 or G2130 G2140
    Loading Pin Ø 19 19 25 35 51 57 57 70 83 95 121 127 152

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