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T-Scale MBW Bench & Floor Scales

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T-Scale MBW and LBW Bench and floor scales come in a range of capacities from 30kg to 600kg. Multiple platform capacities with large base sizes.  The MBW has a plate size of 520 x 420mm and the LBW have a plate size of 800 x 600mm. Application programs include: accumulate, animal scale, check weighing, counting / totalising and checkweighing with HI/OK/LO display using red/green/red led's and audible buzzer. 52mm digit LCD display, with white LED backlight. Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 70 hours of continuous use(without backlight). Mains adaptor supplied.

T-Scale MBW Bench & Floor Scales


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Discounted Price: Excl. VAT: £0.00 Incl. VAT: £0.00


T-Scale MBW Bench and floor scale and T-Scale LBW Bench and floor scale
Capacities from 30kg to 600kg
Internal resolution: 1/600,000
Multiple platform capacities and portability
Application programs include: accumulate animal scale, check weighing
Battery provide up to 70 hours of continuous use(without backlight)
Model No.CapacityGraduationPan Size
MBW-60K 60 kg 5 g 520 x 420 mm
MBW-150K 150 kg 10 g 520 x 420 mm
MBW-300K 300 kg 20 g 520 x 420 mm
LBW-300K 300 kg 20 g 800 x 600 mm
LBW-600K 600 kg 50 g 800 x 600 mm
Optional RS-232 interface

Optional analog output (4V~20mA /0 ~10V)

Hi / ok / lo , red / green / red , LED ‘S

Counting with selectable sample quantities
 External resolution… 1/15,000
 Display……….…….…52mm Backlit LCD
 Keyboard…….…….… 7 keys mechanical switch
 Operate temp…………0℃~+40℃
 ADC……………………sigma delta
 ADC update.…….……≤ 1/10 second
 Power………………….AC adapter (9V/800mA)
Rechargeable battery(6V/4Ah)
Models and specifications to change without notice
Display 52mm LCD display, attached backlight
Indicator: ABS plastic Pan: Stainless Steel Top Plate
platform: Aluminium ( M) or Steel (L)
Max. Divisions 15,000d
Keypad 7 keys
AC adapter (9V/800mA)
rechargeable battery (6V/4Ah)
Gross weight 17.8kg 58kg

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