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Industrial Floor Scales

Industrial Floor Scales

Industrial floor scales encompasses a wide range of heavy duty scales with the weighing platform at floor level and the display mounted above either on the wall (wall mounted); desk (desk mounted) or column (column mounted). Typically they stand on the floor (free standing) and can be bolted to the floor to stop movement or they can be set into the floor (dormant or pit mounted) leaving the weigh platform flush at floor level. The loading of these scales can be carried out manually; by pallet truck or forklift. Ramps can be fitted to the sides of free standing scales to allow access of pallet trucks etc. Other types of floor scales are U shape pallet scales and weighbeam scales primarily designed for loading from a pallet truck using open ended pallets, and Drum Scales for weighing steel and plastic drums.

Standard Platform Scale: FW Platform Scale with Indicator, sizes upto 2 meters and 3000kg capacity

Stainless Steel Platform Scale: Marsden P-SS, ideal for use in food factories or washdown environments

Pallet Beam Scale: Adam AELP Beam Scale, ideal for weighing oversized items, weighing shipping pallets with a forklift truck

Drive Through Scales: Turiers CSDT, with built in ramps to aid pushing items onto the scale with pallet truck

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