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Vehicle Weighing & Waste Scales

Vehicle Weighing & Waste Scales

Responsibility for ensuring that a vehicle is not overloaded rests with both the driver and the vehicle operator. Overloading vehicles is illegal and carries severe penalties for drivers and operators. Our Valueweigh Axlemate individual weigh pads and Valueweigh Vehicle Axle Pads are designed to weigh the axles of a range of vehicles from cars, vans to lorries.
We generate about 177 million tonnes of waste every year in England alone. This is a poor use of resources and costs businesses and households money. It also causes environmental damage - for example, waste sent to landfill produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. We want to move towards a ‘zero waste economy’. This doesn’t mean that no waste exists - it’s a society where resources are fully valued, financially and environmentally. It means we reduce, reuse and recycle all we can, and throw things away only as a last resort. (Source Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs). We offer a complete waste management scheme which can be used with a variety of weigh platforms and a transportable skip weigher.

Valueweigh Axlemate VWAM Weigh Pads for quick and easy axle weighing; each individual pad comes complete with batteries and charger; pads can be used as a pair, with one pad placed under each wheel with no need for wires between the two; built-in 5 digit 25mm high LCD. Valueweigh Vehicle Axle Pads robust, low profile and light weight making them a reliable, easy to use and highly portable; used in conjunction with the optional Cardinal 205 and 215 Indicators; Individual axle weights can be captured statically or dynamically.
Valueweigh Skip Weigher
heavy duty mild steel construction; transportable by lorry to skip site; IP68 rated load cells; choice of indicators for various applications; can be Trade Approved. Waste Management & Recycling Scale complete system for weighing and monitoring waste; Cardinal display housed within stainless enclosure; alphernumeric keypad and navigation keys; custom written waste weighing software; full text and image prompts for user; can be used with a wide range of weighing platforms and capacities.

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