A&D FX-120i Grain Balance to use with Auto Trickler System

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A&D FX-120i Grain Balance (1880 x 0.02GN)

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About A&D FX-120i Grain Balance

A&D FX-120i Grain Precision Balance and  Reloading Scale for use with the AutoTrickler System. Internal Shock Absorber protects from the adverse effects of vertical and transverse overloading. Large bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display gives clear readings in the most difficult of lighting conditions. 

Ideal for weighing propellants in F Class Rifle Shooting or any form of long range schooting, accurate weighing to 0.02GN. Power from AC adaptor (supplied), small breeze break comes as standard. 

We also recommend a calibration weight of 10g and 100g M1 Test Weight to test and calibrate this balance to ensure accurate results.

A&D FX-120i Grain Precision balance, ideal for weighing propellants for F Class Rifle Shooting or any forms of long range shooting. Calibrated and converted into Grains before shipping, the A&D FX-120i Reloading scale is the most accurate balance to use with the AutoTrickler powder dispensing system to accurately dispense and charge cases.

A&D FX-120i Grain Balance Key Features

 High-speed weighing with 1-second stabilization
 Compact foot print: 198 mm × 294 mm (smaller than an A4 sheet of paper)
 Protection mechanism against vertical and transverse overloading
 Adjustable response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations
 Weighs in Grains (GN) and can be use in g, oz, lb, lb-oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, grain, and a user-programmable unit 
 Large bright vacuum fluorescent display
 Ideal partner for the AutoTrickler System 
 Counting mode with the Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function 
 Auto power on/off function 
 Underhook function 
 Built-in rechargeable battery (optional)

Model A&D FX-120i
Weighing capacity 1880GN
Minimum weighing value 0.02GN
Weighing pan (diameter) 130 mm

From (9)

Superb scale

Not much I can really say apart from I should have bought these scales years ago !! Great communication from a great company

By John kane from Dumfries and galloway on 6th July 2022

Fantastic scales combined with outstanding levels of customer service from Oakley Weight

The A&D scales are superb. Accurate, little drift, excellent value for money. I have had one set for years without issue. I recently purchased another set so that I would never be without these. I did need some help with ...the newer scales. I sent an email and the next day I had a phone call, already this is pretty good. Nathan volunteered to come to my house to look at the scales. I was not expecting this kind of level of service. He came, took them away promptly. Great product and a great company. More

By Neil Groves from Oxfordshire on 30th May 2022


I originally ordered the FX120i but due to a large amount of these been sold I was contacted by Oakleyweigh to explain the situation & they offered me a upgrade to this scale as well as setting it up to measure grains for I can say this scale is outstanding. The packaging it comes in is well designed for shipping. The setup is easy & the accuracy out fabulous precise. Wish I had got one of these years ago. More

By Neil Bintcliffe from West Yorkshire on 25th May 2022

5 Star Product

Epic stability, accuracy and repeatability. highly recommended. Great product for the money

By David Haynes from Kent on 2nd May 2022

Great Scale

I bought the scale for reloading precision ammunition and it weighs to 0.02 grains. This is way more accurate than my reloading scales that weigh to 0.1 grains. This will help with velocity variations.

By John Davis from Tring on 21st April 2022

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