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Huge discounts and Free Shipping on OHAUS Scales & Balances

Posted in Uncategorised on 17th September 2019

All Ohaus scales and balances are available with massive discounts off the RRP! Typical examples ...

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Boxing and the Ohaus Boxing Scale

Posted in Uncategorised on 4th July 2018

Boxing is a very popular combative sport in which two people, wearing protective gloves, throw pu...

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Monitoring Your Pets Weight

Posted in Uncategorised on 29th December 2017

Waiting for the precious bundle to arrive is a very exciting time for all the family, whether it’...

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A Healthier YOU!

Posted in Uncategorised on 10th December 2017

It’s at this time of year when we think about the year gone by and the start of the new. A new ye...

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Weigh coffee for that perfect brew.

Posted in Coffee on 6th December 2017

An excellent cup of coffee starts with the correct amount of coffee granuals to perfect that supe...

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Kern Scales & Balances at competitive prices.

Posted in Industrial on 9th March 2016

Kern scales and balances at competitive prices. Take advantage of these offers whilst they l...

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New Ranger 4000 Series from Ohaus

Posted in Industrial on 12nd February 2016

Introducing the full metal housing Ranger 4000 Compact Bench and Counting Scales. These Best-in-C...

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Hire a Scale - Short or Long Term

Posted in Hire on 30th November 2015

Have you considered hiring a scale? When stocktaking is due there is usually a problem finding su...

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Buying the Best Cattle Scale for Your Business

Posted in Cattle on 19th May 2015

Determining which cattle scale is best for your business depends on where the scale will be locat...