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Huge discounts and Free Shipping on OHAUS Scales & Balances

Posted in Uncategorised on 17th September 2019

All Ohaus scales and balances are available with massive discounts off the RRP! Typical examples ...

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Boxing and the Ohaus Boxing Scale

Posted in Uncategorised on 4th July 2018

Boxing is a very popular combative sport in which two people, wearing protective gloves, throw pu...

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Monitoring Your Pets Weight

Posted in Uncategorised on 29th December 2017

Waiting for the precious bundle to arrive is a very exciting time for all the family, whether it’...

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A Healthier YOU!

Posted in Uncategorised on 10th December 2017

It’s at this time of year when we think about the year gone by and the start of the new. A new ye...

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Types of Weighing Scales

Posted in Uncategorised on 10th November 2014

Weighing ScalesA weighing scale is an instrument to find the mass of an object. Today scales have...