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Here at Oakley Weigh, we have a weighing machine that will fit any individual's requirements through their range of industrial weighing equipment. The various industrial scales offer solutions for any type of weighing, counting, and process control include but is not limited to:

Below you can find our scale hire form, enabling you to take advantage of the industrial quality and trade approved scales in our catalogue. Our scale hire process is quick, simple, and straight forward; it couldn’t be any easier. Just tell us what scales you would like to hire and for how long, send us your company’s details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you would like to hire scales from the Oakley Weigh team, please provide us with your contact details, a list of hire scales (type/capacity etc.), the required date, length of hire, and location at which the hire scales will be used.

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Specialist Scales Available From Oakley Weigh

When you choose to hire or purchase scales from Oakley Weigh, you can browse through a diverse assortment of trade approved and industrial scales available for both purchase and hire.

Oakley Weigh are one of the largest independent scale retailers in the UK. We offer a vast range of weighing equipment from all the major manufacturers. Our diverse range of scales caters for any workplace that has a need for a high quality and reliable weighing solution. This includes veterinary facilities with specifically designed scales for different animals, it includes laboratory scales with a varied assortment of balances allowing for precise measurements to be recorded, and it includes a variety of medical Class III Approved scales which have completed rigorous testing from an EU Notified Body; an approval rating which is reserved for scales that require extreme levels of accuracy and repeatability.