Scale Calibration Services in Swindon

Looking to enhance the precision of your measurements? Scale calibration is the key to ensuring accurate results.

Whether you operate in the medical, fitness, industrial, or animal-related fields, maintaining proper calibration for your scales is crucial for precise measurement and data interpretation. A fully calibrated set of scales not only enables you to deliver a more reliable service to your customers but also contributes to the overall quality of your work.

At Oakleyweigh, we boast decades of experience providing comprehensive weighing, counting, and processing services to individuals and businesses in and around the Swindon area. Our expertise includes the meticulous recalibration of scales, a service that we offer promptly and efficiently. Whether you require a one-time calibration or prefer a scheduled, contractual arrangement, we are committed to ensuring the accuracy of your measurements to meet the highest standards.

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Why Is Scale Calibration Crucial?

Achieving precise weighing hinges on the proper balance and calibration of scales. Without these essential practices, reliance on guesswork replaces the trustworthiness of accurate readings, posing a particular concern in critical sectors such as medicine and industry. The continuous use of scales naturally leads to wear over time. To counteract this, scheduling routine scale calibrations, coupled with frequent testing, proves to be an effective strategy for preserving accuracy and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

In the medical realm, the NHS recommends examining medical scales 1-2 times annually to guarantee the consistent and accurate presentation of results. We extend this recommendation to scales in any industry exposed to comparable levels of everyday use, emphasising the importance of regular calibration, and balancing to maintain precision and reliability.

How Does Scale Balancing Function?

Scale calibration operates by evaluating quantity rather than quality. The process involves placing a reference weight on the scale pan, and an error is determined by the disparity between the measured value (the reading) and the true value (the reference weight). Upon completion of the testing, a certificate is generated, providing a detailed analysis of the scale readings, and comparing them to the reference value, accompanied by a pass or fail statement.

In the event of a failure statement, scale recalibration becomes imperative. This entails realigning the scales with the presented reading, ensuring proper balance. In some instances, specific components of the scale may be malfunctioning, necessitating replacement. Our services in Swindon encompass both the calibration and replacement of malfunctioning scales, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Our Scale Recalibration and Repair Services in Swindon

If you need your scales tested, recalibrated, or repaired in Swindon, rest assured that we provide a prompt and high-quality service. Holding certificate number ISO9001 in the Quality Management System, being members of the UK Weighing Federation, and standing as one of the largest independent scale retailers in the country, we guarantee excellence. All customers, whether new or existing, can benefit from a completely FREE scale repair estimate.

Customers can opt for in-house or on-site calibration and balancing with no complicated service agreements. Our contracts offer comprehensive coverage, including scheduled visits from our expert team, calibration for all makes and models of scales accompanied by a certificate, and fast response times for breakdowns.

Our scale calibration services include:

Our state-of-the-art repair facility is your comprehensive solution for scale servicing. We specialise in major brands such as Ohaus, Salter, A&D, Adam Equipment, and even provide parts for discontinued companies. Whether you have a classic piece of equipment or a modern scale, we've got you covered.

Our team is equipped to repair:

In the event your equipment is irreparable, we offer competitively priced replacements tailored to your needs. Explore our extensive online catalogue for more information, and feel free to reach out to our team with any inquiries.

Contact Our Weight Measurement Specialists for More Details on Scale Calibration and Sales in Swindon

If you require additional details about our scale calibration, balancing, and repair services in Swindon, or if you seek advice on selecting the ideal scales for your specific needs, feel free to reach out to us. Call us today at 01296 393133. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at We're here to assist you with expert guidance and information tailored to your weighing requirements.