Electronic Scales and their Progress

Posted in Industrial on 5th December 2014

Technology has advanced in many ways throughout the years. We have become more and more tech savvy as a civilization. People of all ages and occupations are required to know how to use at least some basic forms of technology. Electronic weighing scales are just one example of an easy to use technology that has evolved from its more primitive and basic form.

The first primitive scale existed as far back as 2400 B.C, and it used stone cubes to get an approximate weight. Our technology has come a long way in order to be able to weigh 18 wheelers on giant platform scales. Electronic weighing scales can be used in almost in application, and we often forget the importance and everyday value of having electronic weighing scales on hand.

Electronic weighing systems have replaced the old mechanical scales, and balances of the past and help make our life and occupations much easier and convenient. These electronic weighing systems can be used in many aspects we would never think of. Nurses use electronic weighing systems (often platform scales) to check your weight before you see your doctor, and they play a big role in healthcare and how you are treated. Without these platform scales, doctors would not know if your weight is fluctuating and could lead to improper diagnoses. Also, pharmacists use scales to weigh out portions of medications and to decide on the right amount to give their customers. The electronic scale plays a big role in our health as a people.

Electronic weighing balance specifications often seem very complex and confusing but in reality the concept is much simpler. Load cells are the most common type of weight measurement in the electronic scales we find today. These electronic weighing balance specifications allow us to weigh small amounts product to a very high accuracy. Used as Retail Scales they weigh meat, vegetables and consumer products with the facility of calculating prices.

There are many prominent electronic weighing scales manufacturers to choose from in this booming technological industry. Sartorius, A&D, Ohaus have many high-quality scales which are accurate up to the ten-thousandth grams. These are typically used in laboratories, research and education applications aforweighing fine powders and smaller minerals.

Scales have come a long way since the early stone scales, and they will continue to advance and exceed expectations in the future.


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