Scale Calibration Services in Oxford

Looking to improve the accuracy of your measurements? Scale calibration will help you on the way to achieving the correct results.

Regardless of the industry you’re in – be it medical, fitness, industrial or animal – the importance of having the correct calibration on your scales is simply vital in being able to measure and interpret statistics. Thanks to a fully-functioning set of scales, you’ll be able to offer your customers a better, more reliable service, as well as create a higher quality of work.

Here at Oakleyweigh, we have been providing weighing, counting and processing services to individuals and businesses in and around Oxford for the best part of a century. Re-calibrating scales is a popular aspect of our work – we provide our clients with a prompt service that can be arranged as a one-off or on a regular, contracted basis.

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Why Is Scale Calibration Important?

The proper balance and calibration of scales is critical for achieving accurate weighing. Without them, guesswork takes the place of reliable readings which can be especially concerning in medical or industrial sectors. Though regular use will naturally cause wear over time, scheduling routine scale calibrations together with frequent testing are effective methods for preserving accuracy and extending a unit's longevity.

In terms of testing, the NHS recommends that medical scales should be examined 1-2 times every year to ensure the presentation of consistent, accurate results. We recommended that scales in any industry that are subjected to the same level of everyday use should be calibrated and balanced along the same lines.

How Does Scale Balancing Work?

Scale calibration works by comparing quantity, rather than quality. To check the reading of a scale, a reference weight is placed on the pan – an error is defined as the difference between the measured value (the reading) and the true value (the reference weight). At the end of testing, a certificate is made, detailing the balance of the scale readings and compares them to the reference value, with a pass or fail statement included.

Obviously, a fail statement would require the recalibration of scales – this sees the scales realigned with to the reading it presented, ensuring it is balanced. Sometimes though, certain parts of the scale may be malfunctioning, which will require them to be replaced. We can help with both calibration and the replacement of malfunctioning scales.

Our Scale Recalibration and Repair Services in Oxford

If you require your scales to be tested and either recalibrated or repaired in Oxford, you can feel rest assured that we can offer a prompt, high-quality service. We hold certificate number ISO9001 in the Quality Management System, are members of the UK Weighing Federation and are one of the largest independent scale retailers in the country. We can offer a completely FREE scale repair estimate to all customers, new and existing.

Our customers can choose to have their scales calibrated and balanced in-house or on-site, with no complicated service agreements. Our contracts provide complete coverage including scheduled visits from our team of experts, calibration for all makes/models of scales accompanied by a certificate – as well as fast response times when breakdowns occur.

Our scale calibration services includes:

Our state-of-the art repair facility is your one stop shop for scale servicing. We specialise in all the major brands, from Ohaus to Salter, A&D to Adam Equipment, as well as providing parts from those no longer existing companies – so you can be rest assured that even with a classic piece of equipment, we've got you covered.

Our team have the capacity and scope to repair the following:

In the event of your equipment being beyond repair, we can offer competitively-priced replacements that are suitable for your requirements. Please feel free to browse our vast online catalogue for more information on this and if you have any further questions, why not consider getting in touch with our team?

Get In Touch With Our Weighing Experts To Learn More About Scale Calibration and Sales

If you need any further information on our scale calibration, balancing and repair services in Oxford, or simply need some advice on choosing the perfect scales for your requirements, do not hesitate to give us a call today on 01296 393133. Alternatively, you can reach us by e-mail at